February 2017

  • Essential Oils are Essential

    Essential Oils are Essential

    My favorite essential oils and how I use them.

  • Five Healthy Habits that take Five Minutes

    Five Healthy Habits that take Five Minutes

    Healthy habits that even the busiest people can implement.

  • Your Oats need to Soak!

    Your Oats need to Soak!

    The benefits of soaking oats before eating them+my own favorite oatmeal recipe.

  • Heal Your Gut to Heal Your Skin

    The Microbiome and Skin connection I wish more dermatologists were aware of the critical connection between gut health and good skin. I have been suffering with a rash around my mouth for the past two years. I have tried many temporary solutions such as taking doxycyline pills and using immunosuppresent creams such as Elidel. The […]

  • My Dental Care Routine

    I will be sharing how I care for my teeth and gums each day. Something I love to do each day is oilpulling. It takes some time to get used to but oilpulling can help pull bad bacteria from your mouth and also remove coffee stains. You basically take a spoonful of organic, cold pressed […]

  • AMAZING Banana Nicecream Recipe

    AMAZING Banana Nicecream Recipe

    Hi guys!!! Today I am sharing a delicious sweet treat with you to satisfy any craving you may have for an unhealthy dessert. This nice cream utilizes avocado for the healthy fat and vitamin E, and it also keeps you more full. It’s called “nice” cream instead of ice cream because this recipe is very […]