The Best Activewear Brands and Why

By the end of my life, I will probably have spent half of it wearing workout clothes.

This is a post I have been wanting to do for so long, because I love talking activewear! I am the girl who you will see going to class everyday wearing yoga pants and a long tank. I hate wearing jeans, and in general, I don’t like getting dressed up that much. I worked at Lululemon last summer and our dress code was essentially yoga pants, 0 makeup, and hair in a ponytail, and it was the greatest thing ever. It took me ten minutes or less to get ready in the morning. I am definitely a yoga pants, sweatpants, no makeup kind of girl, and I can’t wait to share with you guys all my activewear favorites. I have tested so many brands throughout the years, so my top favorites are tried, tested, and curated for many different activities. As you guys know, activewear is not just for working out nowadays. The gym to work to street look is so in, and I have found so many cute athletic clothes that fit this vibe. So let’s get into it! I’m going to be sharing some yoga brands that I am in love with, and why these brands make my top three list. I will also have all the items I show linked for you guys, in case you are interested in looking into buying them.



Alo makes very high quality items, and the price tag reflects that. Even though alo stuff is expensive, the great thing about their clothes is that they are durable, and they last for a long time. I am wearing the Moto leggings in the color Gravel, and these pants are so amazing that I have them in a few different colors. The material is sort of thick, so I don’t love them for HIIT workouts or cardio, but they are great for doing yoga, going to class, or running errands. I am also wearing the Entice Bra from alo, and this is by far one of my favorite sports bras. It is super flattering, and very breathable with the mesh material.




The next brand I recommend is teeki yoga pants. This brand is a new discovery of mine, and I am so happy I found them. They have so many fun patterns that really make you stand out. Their pants feel like a second skin on your body. It’s the next thing to being naked. It makes sense because the material is elastic free, and chafe resistant with a four way stretch. I love wearing their pants and shorts and on top of being comfortable, they are also very flattering. In the photos shown, I am wearing the Phoenix Rising hot pants and the Lightning In a Bottle sun shorts.

*SIDE NOTE: The shorts are on final sale and are 32 dollars as of now, so I’d snatch them before they are gone!

Another absolutely fantastic thing about supporting teeki yoga pants is that they are a sustainable brand. All their products are made from sustainable or recycled goods. Every pound of teeki conserves an equivalent of half a gallon of gasoline! How awesome is that?  In addition, everything is manufactured in the U.S which helps reduce carbon footprint. I really love supporting brands that are ethical and care about the quality of materials they are producing, so I am proud to be a teeki lover.

And last but definitely not least…Lululemon

I’m sure you could guess, but I had to include Lululemon as one of my favorite activewear brands. And it’s not because I’m biased and worked for them! (Okay, maybe a little…) But anyway, there are two Lululemon items that are near and dear to my heart that I would love to share with you:



If you guys follow me on Instagram (@holisticallykatie) you would know that these pink shorts are my staple item. They are the Hotty Hot Shorts and are my absolute obsession. They do not make these exact shorts anymore which is so devastating, but the link I inserted is the closest I could find. I love that these shorts have built in spandex, which makes them perfect for HIIT workouts and cardio. They also can tie either tight or loose depending on how fitted you want them to feel. I basically wear these for every single workout as long as they aren’t in the wash. I can’t even explain how lightweight, comfortable, and airy they are. By far my favorite workout shorts, hands down.

Align yoga pants are another staple in my closest. I have them in a few different colors. The material is very lightweight, and doesn’t dig in anywhere on the body. I love wearing these with crops, sports bras, or a flowy tank to class on a nice day. These aren’t the best for the gym, but they come with a convenient little pocket for you to slip your phone in while you’re working out for example. I think everyone should have some Aligns in their closet.

I would also love to share some of my favorite workout tops and bras with you guys as well, but I wanted to make these two separate posts to run the risk of it being too long! Hope you guys enjoyed reading, and remember, yoga pants never go out of style πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think!