Month: July 2018

Five Foods I Can’t Live Without

Five incredible, healing, nutritious foods that will improve your skin, your immune system, your cardiovascular health, and have you feeling great overall.

“Me” Days…How They Make You a Better Person

I am a huge advocate for self-care and “me” days, and in this post, I give an example of a “me” day and explain why these are beneficial to incorporate often.

Get Your Cardio Done in Ten Minutes with Better Results

I provide the benefits of HIIT cardio, why I choose it over steady state cardio, and I also include a quick HIIT workout to try right now!

Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods…What You Should Know

The benefits of the alkaline diet, important things to know, and recipes for foods that will make you healthier.

silhouette of person raising its hand

How to Start A Meditation Practice for Beginners

I have recently incorporated a daily meditation practice into my life. I share all the benefits that come with meditating, as well as helpful tips for beginners.