Month: August 2018

Farmer’s Markets Over Grocery Stores

The important reasons why going to farmer’s markets over traditional grocery stores is a better choice for your health, sustainability and the environment.

My Experience with Energy Healing

I share my recent experience with “energy healing”, crystal therapy, guided meditation, and hearing insights and advice from an expert afterwards.

Why I Started Seeing A Personal Trainer

I began seeing a personal trainer at Stephen Cabral’s studio in Boston, and I am loving the results so far!

Eat out often? You should read this

I explain why I prefer to cook from home, over eating out. I also provide helpful, and simple tips to make healthier decisions at restaurants.

Optimize Nail Health to Grow Long, Strong and Healthy Nails

Grow longer, stronger and healthier nails with these simple tips, and by avoiding toxic exposure from traditional nail salons and products.