My Story

I am 20 years old and have been extremely passionate about healthy living for many years. My story starts back in sophomore year of high school. I felt extremely self-conscious about my body, like many young girls at this stage. I remember someone making a comment about how I looked chubby, and I felt so ashamed. I immediately put myself on a very strict diet and I would count every calorie I put in my body, even gum and coffee. I was only eating about 1,000 calories a day, but I was also rowing crew so I was basically burning that equivalent amount. I became super skinny very quickly, down to only 110 pounds which is way too low for an active girl who is 5 foot 7. My mom became extremely concerned; you could see my bones starting to poke out. She would buy me food and I would flush it down the toilet. I had such a negative relationship towards food, and that is all until I got really into weight lifting and yoga when I quit crew. Below, the picture to the left is me at my skinniest at age 15. To the right is me now, four years later.


After I quit crew and began weight-training and yoga, I actually started enjoying exercise and no longer viewed it as a chore. I felt empowered for the first time in my life, and I no longer desired to punish my body, but instead I wanted to fuel it. I started researching proper nutrition and found heaps of helpful information online about what foods are healthy, and what foods are not. I started to care more about nutrition, rather than calories (read my blogpost on this topic here). Slowly, I began incorporating huge green smoothies, lean proteins and healthy fats. Within just a week of eating this way, my skin was glowing and I felt fantastic. I realized that I was literally depriving my body of nutrients and I didn’t know how amazing life could be until I started eating correctly. I was bursting with energy, began to make more friends and also be nicer around the house because I was not constantly lethargic or sick. Now I know that loving your body comes down to training well and feeding it good foods. Over the past few years, it is not always smooth sailing. There are times where my disordered thoughts creep in. There are times where I look in the mirror and I’m unhappy with what I see. There are still moments where the bad thoughts about calories in food enter my mind. I do my best to push out these disordered thoughts, but sometimes it is very difficult. The point is that it is not a destination, it’s a journey. I’ve come a long way from where I was during high school, and I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished. I no longer care about having the perfect body, or flat abs, because honestly it doesn’t matter. If you feel good about yourself, and feel healthy from the inside out, that is most important. And that is why I created this blog; to hopefully help people who are in a similar situation. I am passionate about empowering people through the mindset that we need to love our bodies, and never feel that we need to starve or do copious amounts of exercise. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here and please remember that you are beautiful no matter what anyone says- know it!!!