One of the best tips I’ve learned about skincare is less is more!

Keep your routine simple, and you will see better results. I have dry, sensitive skin and get perioral dermatitis flareups, which I will make a completely separate post about this issue. I’ve seen multiple dermatologists who always suggest I should use antibiotics and harsh creams on my face, but I have decided against that. After all, this blog is about holistic living!

So, I have decided to invest in an all natural skin care line called : Osmia organics.

All of their products are non-toxic and made with amazing ingredients. The products I am currently using are the:

*Black clay soap Facial bar to keep my perioral dermatitis at bay

*Purely simple face cream

*Cold-pressed jojoba oil


Oils will not clog your skin, but actually give you a rich, luxurious moisturizer that sinks directly into your pores. I love facial oils. When my perioral dermatitis is particularly bad, I will only use jojoba oil because jojoba oil is closest to your skin’s natural barrier and will not disrupt it. If I get a large blemish, I will use the Osmia organics spot treatment which contains essential oils and helps the skin heal.


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