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Lowimpact workout

Low Impact Full-Body Workout At Home

A full-body low impact workout that can be done entirely on your yoga mat- an optional booty band.

Switching to Low Impact Workouts Helped My Body…Here’s Why

Incorporating more low impact workouts into my fitness routine has reduced stress on my body, leading to several health benefits!

Five Exercises for Posture and Hunched Shoulders

Five exercises that will combat bad posture, hunched shoulders and pain in the lower back. I recommend doing these at least two times a week!

Coping with Negative Effects of Social Distancing

Social distancing can lead to feelings of isolation and sadness. I explain how I have handled these emotions in the past few weeks to the best of my ability.

How Pilates Changes Your Body

I explain my experience incorporating Pilates into my workout routine, and why I intend to continue into the New Year.

Sculpted Abs Yoga: Full Equipment-Free Routine

A full-length yoga workout that will help sculpt your abs and build great core strength.

Sneaky Causes for Fitness Plateaus+ How to Overcome Them

The top five reasons behind fitness plateaus, and how to overcome them in order to get closer to your goals.

Why I Started Seeing A Personal Trainer

I began seeing a personal trainer at Stephen Cabral’s studio in Boston, and I am loving the results so far!

Get Your Cardio Done in Ten Minutes with Better Results

I provide the benefits of HIIT cardio, why I choose it over steady state cardio, and I also include a quick HIIT workout to try right now!

The Science Behind Music and Exercise

Listening to music during exercise can help you achieve better performance and physical results.

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