Incredible Uses for Pink Himalayan Salt

Have you heard of the pink Himalayan salt? It has been taking the health world by storm recently, and for good reason. Himalayan salt is not just to season your food and make it more delicious, but it can also be used in other amazing ways which I will be sharing in this post.

To season your food: Pink salt is better than regular salt for seasoning your food because regular table salt is very heavily processed, therefore the beneficial minerals are destroyed.The pink salt contains a plethora of minerals which can help to balance your pH levels. It’s also great for your digestion and can help regulate your sleep because of the magnesium.


As an Air Purifier: I have a pink salt lamp in my room and not only does it look pretty, but it can even help purify the air. The lamp attracts air pollutants to it, and all t hose allergens get trapped in the salt rather than in your body.


Salt Soaking: Soaking in a bath filled with Himalayan salt is an excellent way to get an at home detox. Your skin is going to soak up all those amazing minerals from the bath, such as magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium just to name a few. This will make your skin instantly become revitalized and healthier. Soaking is great for sore muscles or stiff joints by reducing inflammation.


Sinus Problems: Have you ever tried using a neti pot? It is the most effective, natural way to clean your sinuses. Adding Himalayan pink salt to your neti pot (only 1/4 teaspoon) kills bad bacteria and bonds to contaminants that are stuck in your nose, bringing them out. This is a perfect thing to do if you’re feeling stuffed up, or have recently been sick because the post-nasal drip is probably still lingering.


Bottom line is that if you have not incorporated pink salt in your life, you should start today! You can get this huge bag of pink salt for only 8 bucks from this website, or any local health food store near you.


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