There Are No Shortcuts to a Healthy Diet

Are you taking lots of supplements everyday?

How about immune boosters, energy shots, or superfood elixirs? While these items can be a beneficial addition to your diet, there is no evidence that any specific supplements or superfood powders will substitute for a healthy diet. Supplements can be beneficial for some people, but if you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, then there is no need to take multiple supplements everyday. In fact, taking a lot of one vitamin can actually create imbalances in your body.


If you are consuming a diet that is heavily processed, and full of refined sugars or unhealthy oils, then even if you drink the healthiest superfood drink everyday, it will never make up for your unhealthy diet. Supplements/superfoods/tonics should be a very small addition to a healthy,balanced diet. It’s just like wearing makeup; you should not rely on makeup to feel pretty, but it can be a nice enhancer to your natural features.


I think grabbing a juice like one pictured above is a great idea in a pinch, but buying one of these everyday is not ideal.

Why? One, because they are ridiculously expensive. Eight dollars for one juice! No one should be spending that kind of money on 16 fluid ounces of juice. Two, it is much better to make your own juice or smoothie at home. Live enzymes are destroyed once they go through the processing, packaging and shipping that bottled juices go through before you drink them. Overall, the nutrient load in these juices are not as high as fresh pressed juice, even if the label tries to convince you otherwise.


Superfoods can be an excellent addition, but they cannot compromise for a poor diet.

Adding a tablespoon of maca powder into your smoothie, or mixing goji berries into your oatmeal are both fantastic ways of incorporating these foods. However, eating some superfoods after chowing down on some fast food or processed junk, will not negate the bad food you ate. Many superfoods have fancy packaging to try and convince you that they are better than anything else you can put into your body. Ultimately, you should be eating a diet full of plenty of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Superfoods can be added here and there if you wish. But they are not necessary to consume everyday. Focus on consuming foods that are closest to their natural state as possible. After that, you can worry about superfoods.


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