Glute Burnout with Ankle Weights

I’m going to be sharing my low impact butt workout that you can do right from home. This is a great workout to try if you’re not feeling up for a full lower body workout, but still want to engage and work the glutes. This is also a great burnout routine to add at the end of a traditional strength workout. I recommend incorporating this routine twice a week, spaced apart, to see results. I am using both ankle weights and a resistance band  which are optional for this routine, but I highly recommend getting them because they really help challenge the glutes. They are both pretty cheap and easy to get from Amazon. Since lifting heavy weights and incorporating this routine into my leg workouts, I have been able to build my glutes, which is really exciting for me. Remember, you can start from anywhere and with enough dedication, it’s possible to achieve your goals.



  • 15 Straight leg lifts +pulses
  • 15 Donkey kicks +pulses
  • 15 Side leg lifts (or Fire hydrants)
  • 15 Bridges with resistance band +pulses
  • 15 One leg bridges with resistance band
  • 15 Standing kick backs +pulses

*Repeat that three times!

The key to burn out your glutes is to pulse at the end of the repetitions. So after you complete the fifteen leg lifts, do twenty pulses (or as many as you can until fatigue) at the top of the range of motion. Keep your muscle contracted, and you should really feel this in your butt.

I posted these moves on my Instagram, if you want to see them in action!

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