Best Places in Nantucket for Health Fanatics


My family recently vacationed in Nantucket, and for anyone who loves all things health and fitness, here are some of my favorite spots to definitely check out!

Food Spots

1. Nativ Made

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  • Location: Main strip of town
  • Price tag: $$$
  • Type: Grab and go, made to order

This cute little shop located right on the main strip of the island, makes acai bowls fresh to order. They are absolutely delicious and you can ask for substitutions on the toppings depending on what you like! I topped my bowl with coconut, cacao nibs and banana. place also sells other pre-made delicious options. I love the chia seed coconut almond pudding which tastes like dessert. They also have fresh pressed juices and salads that you can grab. The chia-flax crackers and pesto zoodles were delicious. The only downside of this place is that it is extremely pricey. However, for a healthy treat in a pinch, it’s a convenient option.
2. The Hub


  • Location: Main Street
  • Price Tag: $$
  • Type: Place an order, wait, and go

The Hub has freshly made salads you can pick up, as well as Kombuchas. As you wait in line, you can browse through the magazines, books and jewelry they have on display. My favorite treat to get at the Hub is the Kale smoothie. It is delicious and made with kale, banana, pineapple, and you can add things like bee pollen or flax to boost the nutrient content. They also have fresh brewed coffee and bagels for breakfast. The line is usually long, but goes by very quickly.
3. Bartlett’s Farm


  • Location: About 2 miles from town
  • Price tag: $
  • Type: Farmers Market

This cute little farmers market is biking distance from town and a beautiful little spot to checkout on a family bike ride. There is a little ice cream truck and a swing set for kids to play on and enjoy. There is also an amazing garden filled with fresh flowers and a field with large oxen grazing on it. Inside, you will find a prepared food area with freshly made organic foods you can order for dinner. All the produce is delicious, and grown without GMOS or pesticides. This is my favorite spot to pick up produce to cook up at home. They also carry many health food household items such as soap, laundry detergent etc. Such a great spot to checkout, and very affordable!
4. Annye’s Whole Foods


  • Location: Amelia Drive
  • Price Tag: $$
  • Type: Grocery store with prepared foods

This adorable little market is a lot smaller than Bartlett’s Farms but contains the essentials like Kombucha, Rebbl drinks and other popular drinks like Farmhouse gut shots. They also sell probiotics and other supplements such as amazing smelling essential oils for sleep and relaxation. In addition, this place has a prepared food section where you can order healthy smoothies and meals. They also have organic produce and frozen fruit and veggies for cooking at home.
5. The Green


  • Location: Close to the rotary
  • Price tag: $$
  • Type: Order, sit down or grab and go

The Green has delicious burritos, salads or burrito bowls. Their smoothies and fresh pressed juices are also incredible. Everything is fresh and made with love. There are so many plant-based options but they also have cage-free egg options for breakfast. I love grabbing a green smoothie here after yoga; so refreshing and I know all the ingredients are so good for my body!
6. LemonPress


  • Location: Centre Street
  • Price Tag: $$
  • Type: Order, sit down or grab and go

A new store that features organic and healthy cold pressed juices, prepared foods like Paleo Chicken Salad, as well as salads, avocado toast and acai bowls. I love the vibe in this store. There are cute little Polaroid pictures hung up, and lots of light and vibrancy. It makes you feel happy as soon as you enter.

Other places (not food related)

1. Follain


  • Location: 9 South Beach Street (about a five minute walk from town)
  • Price Tag: $$$
  • Type: Browse, chat with experts, community events often going on

If you are in Nantucket and love skin care, you have to check out Follain. The store is absolutely impeccable. The atmosphere is lovely and just being inside is enough to make me feel happy. One of my favorite staples to get from Follain is their specialty soap, which can be used for pretty much everything (hands, body, and so on). The lemongrass scent is lovely. The people in the store are so helpful and willing to advise for any skin type. Follain sells everything from cleansers to oils to sunscreen to body products. They sell Osmia Organics, which is my favorite skincare brand. They also have special events where brand owners come in and educate about their products, which are a fun way to interact with the community. I cannot say enough about this fabulous store; you must experience it for yourself. Also fun fact: The owner of Follain graduated from Trinity College! Represent 🙂
2. Nantucket Health Center


  • Location: Youngs Way (near the rotary)
  • Price Tag: $$(Depends on which pass you purchase)
  • Type: Small gym with machines and plenty of equipment

This is a fitness center where I bought a week long membership for 100 dollars, which ends up being less expensive than buying a day pass for every day use. This fitness center is complete with treadmills, and elliptical, and downstairs there is an array of weights and other equipment like cable machines. I like to bike here in the morning, get my workout done, and then bike back getting a smoothie on the way. My only complaint about this place is that the downstairs is definitely very crowded and can sometimes feel like you’re on top of other people. I like going into the room where classes are held because there is more space to lay down a mat and do your own thing. There are also weights and kettlebells in the other room.
3. The Studio


  • Location: Federal Street in Town
  • Price Tag: $$$
  • Type: Clothing boutique, and pilates/yoga/bootcamp fitness studio

This beautiful little fitness center located right in the center of town features a boutique full of beautiful shirts, leggings, bras, and tank tops. I got an adorable black crop top that says The Studio on it that I am obsessed with. Downstairs is the actual studio where fitness classes take place. There is Barre, Pilates and Yoga. I took a yoga class there and was a huge fan of it. The instructor was so nice and soothing, and the class was quite mellow. There was complimentary water, mats, and towels which is very nice because yoga studios often charge for the usage of these items. The class was a flow, but with a relaxed vibe. The music was soft, and the pace of the class was on the slower side. I didn’t work up that much of a sweat, but it was very restorative. The class felt great because my arms and hamstrings were very sore; so stretching felt super restorative.

I hope you guys get the chance to check out these cool places! Nantucket is the best place in the world; I can’t wait to go back.

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