Barry’s Bootcamp Review And Tips for Beginners!


Guys. I think I have found my new exercise obsession.

The workout is called Barry’s Bootcamp and it’s receiving massive attention all throughout the U.S, and for good reason. A new studio just opened in Chestnut Hill, which is about twenty minutes from where I live. I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did.

The way Barry’s is set up is that there is a different muscle group in focus each day of the week. So, for example, Tuesdays are focused on butt/legs. The strength portion of the workout is combined with high intensity cardio on a treadmill.

I went to Barry’s on a Thursday and the focus was abs. I was a bit nervous and intimidated before going just because I’ve never been, and I also am not a huge fan of the treadmill. I must tell you guys though, don’t let the treadmill intimidate you. The treadmills at Barry’s are different than traditional treadmills. They are top of the line, and to switch to a certain speed, you do not have to relentlessly press the up arrow. Instead, you simply press whatever speed you want to go, and the same goes for the incline. This makes the experience on the treadmill be much more efficient.

You do a round on the treadmill consisting of mainly sprints and running at a fast speed. Then, you go to the floor where there are boxes, weights, and resistance bands to challenge you. The floor work depends on what day of the week it is, but since it was abs on the day I went, we did lots of planks, crunches, and other intense ab focused work.

After the floor work was complete, we did one more round of the treadmill and then one more round of ab exercises. By the time the workout was over, I was quite literally dripping with sweat.


The workout flew by. My instructor was upbeat, motivating, and super fun to listen to. She had amazing vibes and challenged everyone to push themselves. Despite the intensity of Barry’s, it is also possible to modify by going at a slower speed on the treadmill, or by dropping weights during the floor work. This workout is for everyone, not just people who workout a lot. The instructor also adjusted people’s form and was incredibly attentive to everyone’s needs.

I am now totally hooked to this workout. I plan on going at least three times a week. Remember, it’s all about balance. Although I am so excited to incorporate Barry’s workouts into my routine, I am still going to continue doing other workouts I love (such as lifting heavy and yoga).

On top of having amazing instructors, a great studio, and awesome pump-up music, Barry’s also has a juice place to get a refreshing smoothie after your workout. The bathrooms and locker rooms are spacious and very clean. There is also apparel on display, and I definitely plan on buying a shirt the next time I go!

For all you newbies who have never tried Barry’s like me, here are some helpful tips that I wish someone told me before I went:

  1. Go at your own pace on the treadmill. This is something that is relevant at Barry’s because you are very close to the people next to you. You can look at the people next to you for reference on how fast to be going, but in general, you should go at a speed that challenges you, but is not dangerous. The girl next to me was going 10 for her 30 second sprint, and I could only go 9. And that’s okay! Don’t make it about what other people are doing. Make it about you. It’s a competition against yourself, not against the people next to you.
  2. Grab a towel. This workout is no joke. You will not just be sweating, but dripping. I recommend bringing a towel with you (they also have them there) so that you can wipe yourself off throughout the workout, and also, it is helpful to put down a towel on the mat so that your hands and feet aren’t sliding everywhere.
  3. Bring water!!! There are water bottles available to purchase, but I recommend bringing your own. It is hugely important to hydrate because you will be losing so much water and electrolytes.
  4. Push yourself, but remember to breath. There is definitely a pressure in the class to go extremely fast and work as hard as possible. That is good, but it is also important to stay safe and do as much as you can without injuring yourself.
  5. Wear sweat-wicking, comfortable clothing. Don’t wear thick, baggy leggings or a scratchy shirt. I wore spandex and loose-fitting lululemon shorts, along with a light lululemon shirt and sports bra. Don’t wear leggings that will chafe you because you will be running and also doing different exercises that require all sorts of movement. Wear something comfortable, loose fitting, and sweat-wicking. Lululemon is one of my favorite workout brands for this purpose, but I also love adidas and aloyoga workout wear.

I really hope you guys try out this workout; it’s awesome. Happy sweating!!!

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