Healthy Food in Barcelona! (+How to eat healthy while traveling!)


I am so excited to share all of the amazing, healthy food I have found so far in the lovely city of Barcelona. I will be sharing my tips for how I have managed to maintain my healthy diet, even when I am so far from home. If you are traveling soon, I hope you find some of these tips and ideas helpful!

  1. Take advantage of fruit markets/supermarkets/local grocers

One thing I love so far about Spain is that there is literally a fruit market found nearly everywhere you go. This makes eating fruits and vegetables way easier, and best of all, it’s super cheap as well! I love stopping by this cute little fruit market on my way back from the gym, and grabbing my favorites (bananas, figs, apples, peaches, carrots etc).

Local fruit stand
La Boqueria Market

2. Always go for whole and less processed.

When I go out to eat, I always order something simple and high in protein to keep me full, but also ensure that I will not feel bloated and gross after eating. There are many small markets and stores in Barcelona to get fruit, green juices and healthy energy bars when you are on the go.

Simple grilled salmon and a green salad
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Avocado gluten free toast with a poached egg


3. Check out new, healthy food spots in the city!

The public transport system in Barcelona is incredible, which makes it super easy and convenient to get around the city and check out healthy food places! Some of my favorites include Petit Brot, Flexbowls, Buenaventura and The Juice House. If you are ever in the city, simply Google “Healthy Food in Barcelona” and you can find tons of restaurants and shops that are close to you, or simply a metro stop away. Although some of the most popular foods here are not the healthiest for you, there are many places that are famous for their healthy alternatives to these foods. One example is the chain of Teresa Carles. She owns Flax and Kale, and a fast-food shop called Teresa Carles Healthy Foods. These restaurants feature flexitarian type dining, with vegan, gluten free, and raw options to pick from. Flax and Kale is an absolutely stunning restaurant with lots of light, windows, flowers, and a juice bar in the store as well. Teresa Carles Healthy Foods is a convenient grab and go option, and they also can deliver right to my residence which is convenient when I am lazy or don’t have time to get something. I highly recommend checking out these places if you ever get the chance to come to Barcelona!

Banana, cinnamon, maca smoothie
Raw rainbowl bowl
Yellow smoothie bowl topped with fruit and granola
Chia seed pudding bowl topped with bananas, cacao nibs, hemp seeds

These are just a few ways I have managed to maintain a healthy diet while studying abroad in Spain. Looking forward, I plan on making some of my own meals and dishes because I have a kitchen on my floor, which makes that very easy for me. Doing so will help me save money, and cooking for yourself is always better than eating out (you know exactly what is in it). Once I get groceries next week, I will post a grocery haul and recipes as well. Thanks for reading!





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