Getting a Tarot Card Reading+Healing Crystals

My wonderful mother is really into spiritual “earthy crunchy” things like astrology, psychic readings, energy healing, and she asked me if I would enjoy coming with her to a tarot card reading. I said yes of course!

What a fun way to spend a Saturday 🙂 This post will be all about my experience getting my tarot cards read, and the healing crystals I picked out from the shop. I hope you all find it interesting!

The place we visited is called Inspirit Crystals, located in Northampton Massachusetts. I know nothing about tarot cards or crystals, and I love learning new things relating to wellness, so I was excited to see how it would go! I have done an astrology reading before which was very interesting, and I saw a psychic a few years back, but never ventured into the world of tarot cards. We arrived at this small shop, very close to Smith College, in this kind of quirky and eccentric part of town. My eyes immediately fixed on all the salt lamps that were glowing vividly from one corner of the store. There were so many different shapes and sizes…I was tempted to pick one out, although I already have two of my own at home. Further back in the store, there were displays on the walls holding a plethora of different crystals. For each set of crystals, there was a description of how the crystals can help heal you and add value to your life. There were also instructions on how to activate these crystals and use them.


Here are the specific crystals I picked out, as well as the description for what they are meant to do:

Citrine: Assists with manifesting dreams, brings optimism, enables one to be assertive and outgoing


Rose Quartz: Emotional healing, love, releases stress


Amethyst: Brings calm and peace, wards off psychic attacks


TigerEye: Grounding stone, brings luck, helps with self criticism


Quartz: Can be programmed with any intention to help manifest it into reality


Pretty cool, right? Even if you don’t believe in crystals or any sort of “hippie” stuff, it can still be interesting to simply learn about them, and why so many people value them. They also give lots of recommendations for how to use the crystals in everyday life; for example, you can meditate with them, put them on the edge of your bathtub, put them under your pillow and give them to your friends…or enemies!


Now, I’m not trying to imply these stones will magically fix your life or cure any kind of disease, but there’s nothing wrong with believing in something, whether it is based in science or not. I like to have these guys surrounding me as I’m mediating. I also think they are quite beautiful and add a nice touch to my room.

Next, I got my first tarot card reading done. If you’ve never done one, what happens is the reader will display a bunch of different cards to you, and you will pick a card randomly for a certain aspect of your life or future you may be wondering about. I asked her about love, my professional life, and other big wonders of mine, and she had me pick cards for each topic.

It was a really cool and interesting experience, although I must be honest and say I am not entirely convinced I believe everything she said. Still, it was worth doing and she also had a lot of promising things to tell me, which was awesome!

Try to not judge a book by its cover. I know many of these things you may instantly think are a waste of time, but I believe trying new things is the essence of life. And it gave me some quality time with my mom too, which is always a plus!

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