Podcast Listening; A New Favorite Hobby

Hi guys! I want to share with you all the podcasts I’ve been listening to recently, and why I’ve been loving them.

When I’m driving, I usually listen to music but I’ve been seeking others forms of entertainment…where I can still focus on the road, of course. This is especially relevant on days where I’m driving long periods of time (like over an hour). Podcasts happen are the perfect solution! They are easy, free, and entertaining. Also, they provide a lot of useful information that you can use to benefit your own life.

These are the podcasts I personally listen to, and what I like about each of them.

  1. Ben Greenfield Fitness Podcast: Ben Greenfield runs a top rated fitness podcast, where he covers a range of topics. He discusses nutrition, dieting, intermittent fasting, training, functional movement, lifestyle choices, elixirs, herbs, aromatherapy…anything holistic health, he touches on his show. He’s really interesting and funny, which is why I never find his podcasts to be boring. He also always has fascinating people on to the show that are invested in many areas relating to health and wellness.
  2. Joe Rogan Podcast: I consider this podcast sort of like a best of both worlds show, because Joe is very knowledgeable on health, but he also is hilarious. I will be cracking up listening to his show, and there’s nothing that elevates my mood more than laughing hard…especially when it’s 8am and I’m driving to work. He not only gives great advice relating to how to live your best life and do the things you love, but often he and his guest will share funny stories and memoirs. He has entrepreneurs, scientists, comedians, fitness experts, you name it. His podcasts are sometimes over three hours. I usually don’t get through the entire thing, or listen in chunks, but I find his podcasts to be incredibly entertaining and enjoyable.
  3. Simple Roots Wellness Podcast: Alexa is a dietitian who is an expert in the world of nutrition. I was hooked at first because a lot of her podcasts are focused on hormonal health and how to protect your hormones which I believe is so overlooked, but so, so crucial for long-lasting health. I also like how her podcasts are straight to the point, and sometimes they are only fifteen minutes which are perfect for short drives.
  4. Harder to Kill Radio: Steph Gaudreau’s podcast is another one of my newfound favorites. I really like her straightforward, candid, no frills attitude. Although she is a paleo follower, she doesn’t only discuss a paleo diet on her show. She covers many different topics, such as mindset, lifestyle choices, social media, and more.
  5. Fertility Friday Podcast: Lisa’s podcast is all about hormonal health, and how to take charge of your reproductive system. I find this podcast to be relatable and inspiring for us ladies out there who are confused about our hormonal health and how we may be feeling internally…a lot of this is caused by common birth control methods women use nowadays. Often, we don’t question our doctors and just go on all these pills, shots, injections etc…then we experience all these side effects and wonder why. I think this podcast is important to listen to for all women, and some of the stories shared on this show are truly inspiring and remarkable.

 Hopefully I have inspired you all to try listening to some podcasts…whether you’re on a long drive, on a walk, cooking dinner, whatever it may be. The above podcasts are obviously centered on health, but I would encourage you to check out all the categories available. For example, there are comedy, business, music, and art podcasts. There truly is something for everyone.

Happy listening!

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  1. […] Listening to someone else talk while also putting your hands into an activity such as cooking or baking is a very nice way to zone out I have found. If I am stressed out and cannot get out of my own head, I like to listen to someone else talk. One of my favorite activities is to cook a delicious meal but with a healthy spin. For example, both pasta and pizza are pictured below, but the pasta is grain free and made from cassava flower, and the pizza is on a cauliflower crust. Traditional recipes with a paleo twist are my jam! You can find some of my favorite podcasts to listen to, right here. […]

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