Alkaline vs. Acidic Foods…What You Should Know

The Alkaline diet is based around the idea that the foods you consume can have an impact on the acidity or alkalinity of your body, which means the pH value.



These are a list of foods grouped together based on their effect on the body’s pH:

ACIDIC FOODS: meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, grains, processed food, soda and alcohol

NEUTRAL FOODS: natural fats, starches, water

ALKALINE FOODS: fruits, most nuts, legumes, seaweed and vegetables


What health benefits does the Alkaline diet promote?

Alkalkine foods are going to help keep the pH balance in your body at a healthy and optimal level. When our tissies become too acidic, it leads to impaired functions of major systems such as our organs, digestion, skin and more. The biggest cause of an acidic body is because we are not consuming enough alkaline foods. Unfortunately, the standard american diet wrecks havoc on the body due to all the processed food and protein we are consuming.

The body contains natural compounds like bicarbonate which will neutralize blood acidity and can prevent extreme drops in your blood ph. This is a very important preventive measure against acidifying foods we may eat, and also other factors such as chronic stress. It is a good practice to try and support your body wherever possible, and by incorporating alkaline foods, this helps our immune systems function at an optimal level.

The Alkaline diet can be beneficial for those looking to slow the aging process, protect against health problems and preserve muscle mass.

How much evidence supports the Alkaline diet?

It is crucial to note that not everything about the alkaline diet is completely solid and factual. There is a lot of information surrounding this diet that has been debunked, which I think is important to acknoledge. I always like to look at both sides of every argument, rather than taking what I see on the internet at its face value.

Here are some of the myths and controversy about this diet…acid basis homeostasis is a very complex matter with multiple different variables. Many people argue that the theories behind the Alkaline diet oversimplify these processes and underestimate how our body combats acidity. Food contains many different chemical substances that interact with different components of the gastrointestinal tract, which can make it difficult to predict how they will impact the body (Source).

What’s my overall opinion given my own research?

My opinion, given all of the research I have done on the alkaline diet, is that it is beneficial to introduce more alkaline foods in your body and try to reduce the amount of acidic foods you consume, when possible. I do not think it is entirely necessary however, to eliminate acidic foods. For example, I believe foods such as eggs, salmon, and wild caught beef have a myriad of health benefits, even though they are considered “acidic” on this diet plan. I also do not think it is worth getting stressed and overwhelmed about trying to follow this diet to a T by constantly avoiding foods that are acidic, even if you enjoy them. One example for me is coffee. I absolutely love coffee, not because it has caffeine, but because I genuinely enjoy the taste of it, and look forward to having it in the mornings. Instead of drinking regular coffee, I make it bulletproof by blending with MCT oil, vanilla, cinnamon and a dash of almond milk. These add-ins increase the health benefits of the coffee. In addition, because I include so many alkaline foods into my diet, I believe having a cup of coffee will not “undo” the alkalizing benefits of the fruits and vegetables I’m consuming.

Examples of Alkalizing Foods
Cherry-beet smoothie bowl topped with organic strawberries, figs, chia and coconut cult
Alkalizing grocery haul-tons of organic fruits and vegetables
Farmer’s Market lettuce…Vegetables are one of the most alkalizing foods you can consume
Fresh cut pineapple with spices, and a veggie salad with an avocado-chile dressing
Roasted Japanese sweet potatoes and carrot on a bed of sauteed kale, cherry tomatoes, hemp seed and a guacamole made with cilantro, lemon, avocado, olive oil and spices
Carrot noodles with coconut aminos, parsley, radish, dressed with a tahini sauce

I hope this post gave you some inspiration to include lots of alkaline foods into your diet each and everyday. Remember though, that foods considered acidic on this diet, still have health benefits and should not be entirely avoided in my eyes. The rule of thumb is to always eat lots of whole, unprocessed foods, incorporating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. By following this guideline, you will get all the alkaline foods you need, without needing to adhere to the rigid diet guidelines!

Have a fabulous day! Thank you for reading!

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