My Experience with Energy Healing

Two weeks ago, I decided to finally try energy healing. This post will be about how my experience went, and whether or not I recommend trying it out for yourself.


My mother had a really interesting experience with energy healing when we visited Canyon Ranch in Lenox last march. She told me it was like an out of body experience, but she a giant weight lift off of her. Her eyes were bleary and red, so I assumed she cried during it and had some kind of catharsis, but I didn’t want to pry and ask what exactly happened since it seemed like a very personal experience.

I decided to see Maura Cunningham who owns Pravaha Energy Healing and Insight, located in Arlington. She channels people’s energy, and gives them intuitive readings. Additionally, she studies and uses a variety of healing methods, such as crystal therapy and sound healing. Maura believes all healing comes from within, and when we are able to release blocks in our energetic selves, we can become free and empowered. The reason why I chose Maura over other energy healers is because first of all, she had received excellent reviews. Second, it seemed to me that she wasn’t trying to pretend she had any super powers, but rather she came across entirely realistically about what she could do and the specific services she could provide.

What is Pravaha Energy Healing? From the website, “Pravaha is the Sanskrit word for current or flow. When we feel joyful and balanced, we are in the flow; we are living in the fullness of our being. When some aspect of our being (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) feels imbalanced or unwell, our natural state of flow has become blocked.”

What energy healing does, is help you remove these energetic blocks through focused intention. Maura is able to sense circumstances in your life that are causing these blocks, and some of this information may come through as a metaphor, image, or sensation.  The information can give the individual a new perspective that may assist in growth and healing. Maura can be considered the point of concentration for the healing life force energy to flow to where it is most needed.

This is what happened…I sat down with Maura and chatted about what I was hoping to get out of the session. I was immediately shocked by the questions she began asking me, because it seemed as if she already knew me, and important facets about my life. It was strange the strong amount of intuition she had about my family, my friends, my goals in life, without me telling her anything at all.

After we talked, I laid down and got comfortable for the meditation Maura would guide me through. She spoke very softly, and I became very relaxed, almost like I was in some sort of dreamlike state. As she guided me through the meditation, she started to use various crystals on my body. I didn’t know what these objects were because my eyes were closed at the time, but wherever she placed an object, it felt like it was tingling and sending a strong sensation to that part of my body. The crystal she placed on my chest felt particularly strong; like this entire area was vibrating and buzzing with energy. It is very difficult to explain what this actually feels like if you have never experienced it for yourself, but the best way I can describe it, is like an energetic force was literally sinking into my heart and communicating with it, but I didn’t know what it was saying. After the guided mediation and crystal work was over, Maura gently guided me back to the present moment.

We sat back down in our initial seats, and Maura told me I could either take notes while she spoke, or I could record our conversation. I decided to record, because I figured there would be specific things she would say I would want to remember, and I wanted to be sure I could access all details from this conversation. Obviously, energy healing is a very personal and individualized experience so I am not going to share everything Maura told me and everything that I told her, but I am happy to give some glimpses into our conversation. She first told me two songs that came to mind as she spoke with me, as well as a book, called the The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book is all about one man’s journey to discover a worldly treasure, and this journey is supposed to teach readers the importance of following our hearts, recognizing opportunities and following our dreams. Additionally, she told me about my relationships with my family and friends, how those relationships will grow and change, information about my future and my path, and so much more. It was fascinating, and gave me a lot of reassurance moving forward with what I’m doing. I think self-doubt is a big problem so many of us struggle with sometimes. We question ourselves constantly; is that what I am meant to be doing? Am I wasting my time? What if this decision is wrong, and what if it negatively impacts me later? These thoughts are all normal, but after talking with Maura I can’t even express how much more confident I felt in regards to following my passions, doing what I love, and staying true to myself and the people I love around me.

Ah, I realize as I type these words it may sound kind of cheesy and lame, but I highly, highly encourage you guys to try out energy healing or crystal therapy. You don’t have to be spiritual, or be a “hippie” to try it. It is an enlightening experience, in my opinion, for anyone who wants a little bit more clarity about their lives or direction.


If you don’t want to pay money for energy healing, I also recommend checking out crystals. Crystals are very powerful and healing, and you can use them in any way you see fit. For people who have never heard of crystals before, be sure to check out this post to learn more about my favorite crystals, how they are activated, and what their specific purposes are.


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