Healthy Pantry Tips: How I organize +Favorite holistic products

Hi people! Long time, no blog. I am so sorry about that…finals are over now, and I can get back in the swing of blogging!

Today I want to share how I organize my healthy pantry, the items I keep in there, and some tips for you all on how to organize your pantries at home, and maybe some inspo for healthy items you can stock up on! Hope this is informative for you all. I’ll have the items mentioned linked for you guys if you want to learn more.

One of my goals upon arriving home for winter break is to finally organize my pantry section in the kitchen. I don’t live on my own, and share the cabinets with the rest of my family, but the cabinet pictured below is the “HK Cabinet” as my dad calls it. This cabinet is where I keep all my powders, elixirs, potions, and so on, that the rest of my family tends to stray away from.

My mom bought me several of these white bins to fit into the cabinet which helped with organization TREMENDOUSLY. I highly recommend getting some of these; they will make organizing a breeze! Below is a picture of the pantry currently. As you can see, it’s not perfect but trust me, it has come a long way from where it’s been. I cleared everything out, wiped down the shelves, and then placed the food items in different bins. The category of each bin isn’t that specific; it was more about fitting everything in because as you will see I have accumulated a ton of products!

*Note: I am not affiliated with any of the below brands. All opinions are my own!


Bin 1


Organic ghee: Ghee is clarified butter, prized in Ayurvedic practices for thousands of years. Ghee contains no casein or lactose, therefore no common allergens. It is great for your brain, heals digestion and leaky gut,  and is very rich in vitamin E, K2 and A which are all incredible for glowing skin.

Detox Organics Chocolate greens powder: This stuff is incredible. It contains so many superfoods I can’t list them all. From ginger root, to raw cacao, moringa leaf and spirulina…the benefits are basically end this. I recommend reading up on this product on their website if you are interested in learning how it can support your body!

Sustainably caught seafood: A cheaper way to get in seafood into your diet; you can buy it in cans like this. Just be sure to pick seafood that is sustainable and wild-caught. You do not want to be consuming fish that has been swimming in farms-these fish consume feces, antibiotics, pollutants, and all sorts of chemicals that you do not want entering your body. Seafood is excellent for protein, and very high in omega 3 fatty acids.

Bin 2


Organic, unrefined coconut oil: Coconut oil is a holy grail product. It has so many uses…you can slather it all over your skin after a shower, use it as a hair mask, oil-pulling, as a shaving cream, as lubricant…the list seriously goes on. I use this jar for cooking. Coconut oil has a high smoke point and can improve blood lipids. It is a much healthier fat than canola oil or other refined vegetable oils.

Oil Pulling! 1 tablespoon of coconut oil+1 teaspoon peppermint hemp extract

Matcha powder: I love matcha powder! Matcha green tea is incredibly high in antioxidants. Matcha can even help fight and prevent disease like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. I love this particular brand because they add MCT oil, which provides long-lasting energy and can improve mental clarity.

Sunpotion adaptogens: I posted all about adaptogens in a separate blog, so I recommend reading that to learn more about them. My favorite adaptogens are ashwaganda root and He Shou Wu.

Bin 3


Coconut: Coconut chips have a wide range of uses. I like to add them to smoothies, or on top of smoothie bowls for added healthy fats and a nice crunch. Get them unsweetened to avoid a ton of added sugars.

Turmeric latte mix: This stuff makes delicious golden milk, which contains the incredible spice turmeric, which gives it the beautiful golden color! Turmeric is an incredible anti-inflammatory…better than Advil or Tylenol combined. This stuff contains black pepper which increases the absorption ability of the turmeric, which is awesome. It’s so delicious and makes a great, relaxing warm drink before bed.

Bin 4


Teas: I LOVE tea, and drink several cups a day. My favorites recently have been Get Gorgeous, Pau D’arco, and an Echinacea berry blend. The rooibus in the Get gorgeous tea is amazing for clear skin. Pau D’arco is an herbal supplement that is anti-microbial. It can kill candida, heal inflammation (particularly the stomach), and can assist with joint pain. Echinacea is awesome to drink during colder months because it keeps your immune system strong.

Mushroom cacao mix: This is essentially hot chocolate, healthified. They add reishi, which is an adaptogen that can help you relax! Another great drink to make before bed time to encourage restful sleep.

Bin 5


Supplements: There are a lot of supplements I am currently taking, and I think this will deserve an entirely separate post once I figure out a supplement routine that works for me. But just to give you an idea, I take Cod liver oil, Kion colostrum, magnesium, activated charcoal, and maca on a daily basis.

Bin 6


Prebiothrive: A prebiotic supplement intended to help support the gut. Many people take probiotics, but do not take prebiotics which is a mistake. Prebiotics are the food for probiotics, and are required for optimal gut health. I add this into smoothies and lattes.

Primal Plants: A superfood blend; awesome for digestion, skin and heart health. This tastes good mixed into plain water.

Beef gelatin: I add this into my coffee. Gelatin helps maintain healthy bones, protect your joints, and also aids digestive function. Try to buy a brand that uses wild-caught, pasture raised animals…my favorite brand is Vital Proteins.

Raw organic honey: Don’t go overboard with honey…it’s still sugar, but raw honey has plenty of benefits. It is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and immune boosting.

Nut butters: I’ve been into Nuttzo and the RX brand nut butters recently. They are fabulous mixed into my paleo oatmeal.

Bone broth protein: Bone broth protein is a paleo-friendly, high nutrient protein with zero GMO’s, refined sugars or gluten. I highly recommend this brand. It’s also so yum despite the name.

Stevia and vanilla extract: These two items help to sweeten food and make it taste better, and they do not add any excess calories.



Collagen beauty greens: A lovely protein powder that provides hydraulic acid, Vitamin A and probiotics. When I use this stuff regularly, my nails and hair grow longer, and my skin appears more radiant.

Bee pollen: I add bee pollen on top of smoothie bowls because it is a highly underrated superfood. It has so many minerals, enzymes, vitamins, and amino acids which work together to boost the immune system, protect the liver, and acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Apricot kernels: I’m not going to lie, these are really gross so I usually blend them into smoothies. They have been called a healing, therapeutic food touted for cancer healing abilities. The laetrile in them are cancer fighters, and they also contain iron, and healthy fats.

The items at the very top of my pantry are L-Glutamine and Slippery Elm bark, which are both powders that repair the gut lining. I took them when I was dealing with skin breakouts, but I don’t use them as regularly now, because my skin is mostly healed. But I highly recommend reading this blogpost to learn more about the gut and skin connection. I also have a ton of recipe books, which I can share with you guys my all time favorites once I finish curating my collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post; thank you for reading!

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