What are EMFs and Ways to Protect Yourself

today I have an interesting and useful post to bring to all of you, and it is all about EMF exposure.

Ever heard of “EMFs?” It’s okay if you haven’t…I’ll give you the down-low. EMFs stand for electromagnetic fields. There is a difference between natural EMFs, such as those that come from the sun and the earth, and man-made EMFs like the ones coming from computers, phones, microwaves and other wireless technology items that are commonly used in homes, schools and office spaces. Due to our society becoming as technologically fueled and advanced as it is today, pretty much all of us are exposed to incredibly high levels of EMFs, beyond the point of being natural or healthy. The symptoms and negative health outcomes that arise from EMF exposure is insidious, meaning problems accumulate over time after many years of high exposure. EMFs out in the world interfere with the electromagnetic systems in our body, like the mitochondria for example, and this can disrupt our natural biology and lead to inflammation.

Symptoms of chronic EMF EXPOSURE: insomnia, anxiety, depression, brain fog, frequent illness, adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues, and an increased cancer risk.

As you may be thinking by now, it is of course impossible to avoid man-made EMFs unless you want to live in a cave out in the desert with zero social interaction for your whole life. However, there are many ways to reduce and combat everyday EMF exposure, starting right now.

Here is some practical advice that I have found useful and applicable for reducing EMF exposure:
Use your phone and electronic devices safety

Keep your phone on Airplane mode when you can, ESPECIALLY when you are asleep! You don’t need those electronic waves going through your brain during this restful period, and you don’t need those 2am booty calls waking you up either. Trust me. In addition, never put a cellphone to your head. Do not carry your phone in your pocket or in your bra. Radiation levels of the phone are increased in the car, so consider using airplane modes and downloading your podcasts/books ahead of time. Consider investing in a radiation blocking chip that you can stick on your phone, and also a DefenderShield which is for your computer. DO NOT put your laptop on your lap! The radiation goes straight into your fatty tissues, and for men, it can actually kill sperm. I just invested in this crystal EMF blocking bracelet that I’ve been really digging. I make sure to wear it when I am working on my computer or tapping out a text.

All about ions.

Invest in a Himalayan salt lamp, which are negative ion generations and can neutralize the air around you. Grounding can also neutralize positive ions. Grounding is actually really simple, and it just means that you connect with mother earth. Walk around barefoot, touch plants, get your feet on the ground, do yoga outside, you get the idea. There are also grounding mats you can get for the winter time.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Supplements.

As I mentioned before, it is impossible to entirely avoid EMFs, so to combat this inflammation, it is highly crucial to adhere to an anti-inflammatory diet. Focus on vegetables, fruits, wild-caught fish, pasture raised meat and eggs, and superfoods. The following can be helpful supplements that fight against the harmful effects of EMFs: Algin, Curcumin, Lithium, Magnesium, Selenium, Potassium and Calcium.

This post is not intended to scare you, but I do think it is important to be aware of EMFs and the fact that they can permeate through your body, causing detrimental side-effects over a long period of time. If you’ve never thought about putting a phone to your head, using a laptop on your body, or the importance of grounding, it is not too late. The technological advancement of our society, and modern-day is amazing and revolutionary, but nothing in our world comes without precaution and warning. Use technology, but use it safety for your own health, and the health of future generations. Please share this post if you have found it useful, and think someone else can benefit from this information.

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