Should You Put Butter In Your Coffee? Here’s The Truth.

With the bulletproof diet and the keto diet becoming more and more popular, adding a dollop of butter your the morning cup of joe has become mainstream. But is this actually healthy? I have a couple of thoughts on this topic, from experimenting with my own body as while as doing my own research and listening to various opinions.

I do not think adding full fat butter into coffee will benefit you, particularly if you are not active, because this is adding a ton of extra fat and calories into your diet. If you are actively on a weight-loss journey, this will not be a beneficial step. Even if something is “bulletproof” like anything else, it still contains calories. Rather, consider adding a teaspoon of MCT oil (derived from coconut oil) or ghee and blend it in your coffee with a little coconut milk and organic stevia if you like it sweeter. This reduces the calories drastically and both of these options are healthier than butter.


Ghee is clarified butter, and contains no lactose. It is very high in Vitamin A, and supports glowing skin. It is an ancient food from India that has been used to heal for many centuries. MCT oil is great, particularly to provide energy for workouts and that is one of the reasons I like to use it in my coffee before hitting the gym.

A lot of people also will blend plain coconut oil into their coffee, which is also a great option since coconut oil contains a high amount of lauric acid. However, I personally find using MCT oil is more beneficial because it gives me more energy than regular coconut oil does. MCTs are also absorbed more easily in the body.

Below are my favorite brands, Ancient Organics ghee and Nutiva organic MCT oil:

Other benefits of MCT oil:
  • Supports a thriving and healthy gut microbiome
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • MCT contains caprylic acid, a medium chain saturated fatty acid which is antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It is excellent for treating conditions like candida or thrush
This is the recipe for my coffee that I make every morning (and can’t live without):
  • Combine 1 cup organic cold brew coffee with 1/4 cup coconut milk in a blender
  • Add cinnamon, ashwaganda, maca powder, 1 tsp MCT oil, 1-2 drops stevia
  • Blend on medium until smooth
  • Pour over ice, can also add Vital Proteins collagen or gelatin for additional protein and skin healing benefits

To recap, if you are adding butter, coconut oil or MCT oil into your coffee in the morning, it should only be a tiny amount. I have the above coffee recipe in order to fuel myself for my workout. It may not be necessary to make a bulletproof coffee if you are not as active, or if you are having coffee along with your normal breakfast.

I think the concept behind the Bulletproof Diet does have some merit to it, especially because I find MCT oil gives me great energy and mental clarity. However, I do not think everyone will benefit from dumping high amounts of fat into their cup of coffee, especially if they are already consuming enough calories. Overall, use your common sense and judgement, not just when it comes to trends like Bulletproof, but all health and fitness trends that become popular on the market!

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