Food Combining: Benefits and Meal Ideas

Food Combining is a protocol I am currently implementing that can help you feel less bloated, lose weight, and boost your energy

Cheat Sheet for Pairing Food Groups:

This image is from Kenzie Burke’s Blog!

As you can see from the above “cheat sheet” certain food groups go together and others do not. For example, fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach and should not be combined with other groups. You should not eat fruit AFTER eating a meal because this causes indigestion, since the other food you ate before takes a long time to digest, while fruit takes a short time to digest. Mixing these groups will cause you to become bloated, and lead to indigestion and gas…not fun.

Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach, and you should wait 30 minutes for the fruit to digest before eating anything else

Starches mix with vegetables and so do proteins. However, proteins and starches do not mix well. You should also try and not mix different kinds of proteins, stick with one protein per meal. Additionally, fats should be used moderately with protein if at all, but they do pair with starches.

Proteins pair well with vegetables, but not other proteins

Results from only TWO days of food combining:

Some of the many benefits of proper food combining:

  1. Reduce bloating and gas
  2. Healthy weight loss
  3. Clearer skin
  4. Higher nutrient absorption
  5. Improve metabolism and enhance detoxification

The reason why I wanted to begin implementing food combining is because I often found my body would be very bloated and my stomach would be extended after eating. This is a very uncomfortable feeling that made me not want to anything after eating food, even if I ate a healthy meal with lots of good food. Food combining makes sense because different enzymes are required by our body to break down certain kinds of food. Consuming food combinations that are easy to digest means that our body uses less energy to break down the food, and this saved energy can help us feel so much better!

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