Why I Quit My Gym Membership

i am a big believer that you can get fit whenever, wherever.

I’m going to discuss my new training regimen and approach to fitness, because it has shifted dramatically in the past couple of months. I’ve gone through so many ups and downs when it comes to working out. For a while, I was only lifting. Then I became obsessed with bootcamp classes and doing heavy lifting combined with plyometrics. Then I got into resistance bands and more Pilates style exercises. With all of these “phases” behind me, I think I’m finally reaching a point where I am completely happy with my exercise style, and that is why I am writing this post today. It hasn’t been a straight shot, or one long path, but rather has taken me a ton of trial and error to find what “works” and I am still not completely at the finish line…I probably never will be, but that’s okay.

What changes have i made to my fitness routine and why?
  1. I quit my gym membership. I know what you are thinking; it seems counterintuitive. But let me explain myself. Having a gym membership was great, but more often than not, I could only go when I had the entire day at my disposal. The time it takes to drive there, park, sign in, begin my workout, end my workout, change, get ready in the locker room, get back to my car…forget it. I started a full time job in June and I am basically at work all day long. I am super grateful that I have a gym in my office and a gym at home, so this makes my life a lot easier. However, if you do not have a gym membership, it is possible to get fit at home and get your own equipment. You can also go on a run during your lunch break and bring a change of clothes, which I also do sometimes.
  2. I have stopped making working out such a “big” deal. Before, my routine would be complicated and consist of so many steps. First, I would need to have my BCAA’s. If I was lifting, then I would have to eat something before so I wouldn’t get hungry through my long workout. Then I would have to warm up with glute activation and resistance bands for a while, get the workout ready on my phone, set up a playlist, and so on. I’d be there for hours! And I wasn’t being completely efficient the entire time, which was the problem. Not anymore. On an ideal day, I’ll wake up, grab my yoga mat and go outside. Often times, I’ll just move my body naturally, and not worry about getting in the “perfect routine.” Sometimes I’ll use weights, sometimes I won’t. I can’t even tell you guys the amount of stress and pressure this has reduced. Now that working out is simple, I never dread it and feel grateful to move my body in the morning.
  3. Something is always better than nothing. Going along with the above point, since I made exercise such a big “thing” in my life, if I didn’t go through the whole routine, then I wouldn’t consider it a “good” workout. This is ridiculous thinking back. Nowadays, if I’m low on time or really stressed, I’ll do a ten minute HIIT routine. Or a long walk. Or a yoga stretch with a tiny bit of abs. Even if it’s at a completely random point during my work day and it’s only ten minutes, it counts as something.
  4. Instead of a dedicated split, my workouts are more functional and always involve all my muscles. Before, I would have a dedicated day for glutes, a dedicated day for arms, and a dedicated day for abs. This is fine and works for a lot of people, but unfortunately, I really struggled with this. I hate exercising abs alone for example, and so I couldn’t really stick to this. Instead what works for me is going on a run, and then doing a yoga inspired abs routine, or body weight movements that require core work. Not only is this more fun and inspiring for me, but it also gets my core involved which is the point after all. If I’m lifting, I’ll incorporate more full body movements. If I’m doing a side lunge, I’ll add a press. If I’m doing a single arm row, I will add a leg raise. This is great because when I’m lifting, I’m working out my full body instead of doing it in a split style fashion…so I have the other days without weights. This allows me to do hot yoga, running, functional bodyweight exercises, or whatever else I want to try.
  5. My body is never fully “adapted” anymore. I’ve discussed plateau before on this blog, but I have truly realized the importance of switching up my workouts. I’ve tried out SoulCycle, long runs, kettlebell workouts, and only plan on expanding what I’m doing. For example, I really want to try Orangetheory (right near my work), Hot Pilates and Boxing! Sticking to only one set workout routine is not going to help you develop physically. Your body will adapt to what you are doing and never change. And I don’t just mean change aesthetically-I mean functionally. By trying new workouts and new routine, you will build strength in new areas, develop additional muscle memory, flexibility, and power.
Should i quit mine too?

This question depends on many factors. If you have a membership, but find that you aren’t utilizing it and skip the gym more often than not, it may be a good idea to quit it and find something that works for you. And you’ll save a ton of money. However, if you do go to the gym frequently, and are motivated by working out around other people, then keep doing you. I think ultimately what is most important is making fitness work with your life, gym membership or not.

How can i get fit at home?

You came to the right place, my friend! First of all, you’re going to need some equipment. I will link my favorite equipment, all not too expensive and durable:

I have several at home workouts posted on my Instagram account, and this section of my website. I would also highly recommend Madfit, Fitness Blender and Heather Robertson. All of these channels provide you with workouts that are effective, minimal equipment and give a combination of fat-burning with toning (my personal favorite).

I think half of it comes down to your commitment to your body and daily routine. When you wake up in the morning, don’t lay in bed and scroll on your phone. Get up and get moving. Even if you go on a walk outside, this will do wonders for your energy levels and well-being. Don’t make it so complicated…find a way to move that you genuinely get excited for and are passionate about. This looks different for everyone.

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3 responses to “Why I Quit My Gym Membership”

  1. bgddyjim Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more… though my two-pack would love to have their four brothers join the party from underneath the laundry… Chuckle.

  2. A Dude Abikes Avatar

    Great, Kate! I’ve experimented with gyms and they are not for me . Biking most days (300 miles in the last 14 days, but usually 100/week), walking daily (almost 2 years) and yoga daily (almost 6 years) have not got me where I want to be. Age, genetics, medical stuff, injuries and diet are all obstacles. The latter is the only one I can do anything about.

    But cutting 99% of processed grains for almost 2 years has done nothing for me, at least weight wise. I still have a big problem with simole carbs aka sugar.

    After 18,000 miles biking in almost 4 years, my fitness is ok but no weight loss. Anyway, mixing it up at home is what I need to do. Getting a lighter and faster bike to do HIIT also would be good.

    Anyway, congrats on graduating and joining the world of the working woman, and making your life easier with your home and other workouts.

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