I Never Get Sick of These Staples- I Don’t Think You Will Either

Recently I was with my best friend Kirstin on vacation and I encouraged her to try some of the staples I picked out during our grocery shop. They are more “niche” items, but ever since introducing them into my life, I cannot go without. They never fail to make me feel amazing- satisifed, nourished and the best part is- I genuinly enjoy the taste of all of them. She loved everything, and that inspired me to write this post to encourage some of you to give these items a go. Some of these items are truly unique and if I hadn’t heard rave reviews from other people on Youtube, blogs, or on Instagram, I probably wouldn’t have picked them myself. So, why not share the love? This list will contain not only food items, but drink items and lifestyle as well- because I like the whole picture scenario. Holistic health and all, of course! Let’s get into it!


Health is wealth. What you eat matters, and I have found that the following items are staples in my diet because the ingredients are incredible. I love how everything is sourced and I really respect each company’s values and mission. When you purchase a food product, you are giving your “vote” to that company- it is very important to consider these choices.

All of the pictures contain links which will take you to the company’s website if you would like to shop online! There are usually deals for first time customers, so you could steal 10 to 20 percent off on your first order (no, I am not sponsored…just a tip I have picked up!)

Bulletproof collagen protein bars

These bars are not only delicious (they taste like a dessert) but they are packed full of protein and collagen. Collagen is incredible for supporting healthy hair, nails and skin, so I love to fit it in any way I can. I usually crumble these on top of smoothies, or have them with a banana post-workout!

bulletproof bars

Hu chocolate bars

The “Salty” is my favorite (I personally think sea salt and dark chocolate go together like peanut butter and jelly) but all of the flavors are delicious. Best of all, these bars are vegan, refined sugar free, paleo friendly and use organic cacao.

Catalina Crunch Keto Cereal

I haven’t had cereal in forever, and they used to be a complete “No” food for me since traditional cereals are high in sugar and carbs, so I would avoid at all costs. However, this cereal brand is amazing because it is keto friendly, has 0 sugar and contains protein and fiber. I like mixing it into smoothies.

keto cereal

GT’s Living Coconut Yogurt Cocoyo

One word: Probiotics! Back when I struggled with gut problems, I had to take two probiotics a day to try and restore my gut flora. My gut is in much better shape, but now I like to have it from food sources instead. This yogurt (the vanilla flavor is especially luxurious) is creamy, tangy and is perfect for a midday snack. It’s packed with living probiotics and protein as well.

Primal Kitchen Collagen Fuel

This protein is great because it doesn’t contain whey or dairy like traditional protein powders. I find that whey can be irritating to people sensitive to dairy and can cause skin problems. This protein has great ingredients and high quality collagen. I have it in my smoothie everyday.


Next up is drinks. I am a girl who loves her drinks – smoothies, coconut water, kombucha, adaptogenic teas – the list goes on. If you pick the right drinks, you can be sipping amazing electrolytes, nutrients, collagen, and vitamins while you work, exercise, go on a walk etc. It couldn’t be easier.

Organifi green juice

Perfect for people who don’t own a juicer and also don’t like the hassle of buying fresh produce, peeling the vegetables, cleaning the juicer etc. This product comes in a powdered form and all you have to do is mix it with filtered water. It tastes like a delicious green juice and you are doing something excellent for your body with every sip!

Rebbl Reishi Chocolate

Dark cocoa, vanilla, coconut milk and reishi. Adaptogens are great for helping your body cope with any kind of stress. This tastes more like a chocolate shake than a health drink.

Kion Aminos

These are great to take before or after workout. They help maintain muscle, regulate appetite and can improve cognition.


I won’t go into why sleep is so important, but bottom line is you need to be sleeping well for maximum health. I actually have trouble sleeping from time to time, but all of these items really help me doze off. Also, give this post a read if you need more tips on creating the ideal sleep environment.

Workout- Pilates, Yoga, HIIT

I work out completely from home now, but I have all the equipment I need for an amazing workout from a yoga mat. I love using my wood blocks for yoga and lunges, bands for Pilates and arm work, and then ankle weights for everything from toning to HIIT workouts.


Skincare is a passion of mine- especially all things natural skincare. I have learned that less is more, so I keep it very simple. A lot of people do not know that manuka honey is not only amazing to be taken internally, but can be used as a luxurious face mask or makeup remover. I also have been using the Jillian Dempsey gold sculpt bar and my LED light mask at night for a while now, and I’ve noticed when I am consistent, my skin looks more radiant and tightened.

Thanks for reading! If you end up using any of these products, please let me know if you love them as much as I do!

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  1. bgddyjim Avatar

    Kate, there’s a reason you’re all pretty and sleek lookin’… and I’m more like a tub of goo after winter. It’s that you found a way to live on stuff like that while I managed to subsist on roast beef, carrots, onions, celery, mashed potatoes and gravy.

    Rocket science it ain’t.

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