Facial Sculpting Tools: A Self-Care Ritual You Should Try

Have you ever heard of facial sculpting before? It’s time you try it!

Below I will be listing out my favorite facial sculpting tools. These all have various benefits to your skin and I recommend reading the details and reviews before making a purchase. I started my collection a couple years ago, and it has since grown. I personally like to vary my routine with these tools as I have seen the best results that way. Facial sculpting can have many benefits from reducing inflammation to relieving tension. It also can reduce puffiness and you can visibilty see the impacts on your face over time.

Starting with my favorite tool…

Jillian Dempsey Gold Sculpt Bar

This bar is 24k gold plated (I’m a sucker for everything gold) but more importantly, it helps boost blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage. The vibrations feel amazing as you glide this tool over your skin, and I love doing this at night after I have applied some moisturizer. It is very important to promote skin circulation in your face- we normally think about circulation in our arms or legs, but the face is just as important! You will want to start at the jawline and gently move the tool upwards toward the templates for five minutes. Repeat on the other side. This can also be done under your chin, moving down towards your neck to promote lymphatic drainage. This product is costly, but in my opinion it is well worth the investment and a wonderful way to relax at the end of a long day.

Skin Gym Gua Sha

Next up we have Skin Gym’s stainless steel Gua Sha tool. You may have heard of this popular trend and there is a reason Gua Sha is gaining lots of traction. It is based on an ancient beauty ritual, and helps add an instant glow to your complexion. Gua Sha helps relax forehead muscles (instead of Botox!), lift and sculpt cheekbones and reduce tension overall. It is very important to start with clean, moisturized skin. I recommend watching this video on Youtube to learn how to do Gua Sha properly.

Ice Roller

One of my favorite products to use in the morning- this is an ice roller that you place in the freezer overnight. In the morning, you simply roll this under your eyes, across your cheeks, forehead and chin. The cold helps to reduce puffiness, and this is awesome especially in the morning. It will also help wake you up and it feels very refreshing in the morning.

Jade roller

Last but not least, we have a jade roller! You can find these everywhere now. Facial rolling is relaxing and can help calm you down. It is such a nice thing to do for yourself at the end of a busy day. It helps to firm up the look of your skin through the gentle message. You can also consider the material the Jade roller is made of. If it is good Jade, this is a crystal known to bring peace and harmony to your life.

One other item to mention is the importance of light. Another incredible tool I have is called the Solawave. This tool uses red light therapy and microcurrent to combat signs of aging, reduce blemishes and promote healthy skin. If a concern for you right now is blemishes, clearing up your skin or reducing lines, I highly recommend the Solawave. Red light therapy has been shown to be excellent for your skin. My mom gifted me aJoovv red light for my birthday this year and I am so grateful because red light has so many wonderful benefits and makes me feel incredible. It is also important to go outside and get Vitamin D on your face (wear sunscreen!) as this will improve the immune functions in your skin.

No matter what tools you decide to invest in, remember to always invest in yourself and taking care of your skin/body. It is best to be preventative rather than reactive when it comes to skincare and loving the skin you are in.

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