Starting the Allergy Solution Diet

I have decided, with recommendation from my Naturopath, that I am going to start the Allergy Diet written by Leo Galland. This book is extremely interesting and informative, and I highly recommend it. It offers different solutions to common allergy problems such as rhinitis, asthma, eczema and more. The reason I am starting this diet is that recently I noticed the perioral dermatitis begin to crop back up around my mouth and nose. I’ve been on two rounds of antibiotics for this problem, and I no longer want to take antibiotics to solve this annoying skin condition. Instead, I am taking the ultimate holistic route and trying to eliminate all potential food triggers and also heal my gut in the process. The first three days of this diet is a cleanse where you only drink a smoothie twice a day, as well as a soup.

The foods you avoid are: eggs, meat, milk/dairy, grains, added sugar, coffee, certain types of fruits, nightshades and probably more I am forgetting. This is meant to be only three days because you are trying to see your potential triggers and reset your body. After the three days, you can gradually start to re-introduce certain foods like rice and poultry. I am hoping this three day cleanse has a good impact on my skin and also my weight, as I am trying to shed a few pounds this month.

After this cleanse, I am moving on to the Macrobiotic Diet which is more intensive and involves a month of a certain type of eating and taking lots of supplements. I will continue to update on how the diet is going, and if I see positive results or not!


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