Trying out Cauliflower Pizza Crust!

I was struck with a pizza craving this evening, but decided to create a healthier alternative.

I had a late night last night, and as we know, staying out late can influence eating habits the following day, or even several days. You are more likely to make bad food choices if you are tired or run-down.


To make a healthy, tasty alternative to regular pizza, I decided to try out cauliflower pizza, which I’ve been seeing everywhere recently. I used a cauliflower pizza crust from Whole Foods for the base. What an incredible invention! Not only is it less calories, but you also get a healthy dose of vegetables as well.


For the toppings on the pizza, I used chopped organic tomatoes, chopped orange bell pepper, Rao’s tomato sauce and Chao vegan cheese slices.


I baked the cauliflower crust in the oven at 425 degrees for eight minutes. Once it was crispy, I took it out and added the toppings on top. I then put the crust back into the oven for a few minutes for the cheese to melt over the toppings.


This tasted like a delicious, fresh baked margarita pizza that you would get in an Italian restaurant. I highly recommend trying out cauliflower crust. As I said before, it is less calories than traditional crust, it is gluten-free, and contains lots of fiber. It it also possible to make your own crust from home! There are tons of recipes online. If you don’t like tomato and cheese, you could also use pesto, baked vegetables, pepperoni, pineapple…whatever else you like on traditional pizza!

I hope you guys try this out and enjoy it!

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    Sounds good! I’ve always wanted to try a cauliflower crust, I need to give it a go ☺

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