Full Day of Clean Eating (80/20 Lifestyle)

what does a full day of “clean” eating look like for me?

I wanted to put together this post to give you guys some ideas of meals that I will typically eat when I am focusing on being especially healthy and clean with my diet. I know the term “clean” can be controversial, because everyone’s idea of a clean diet is different. Some people are vegan, some people are keto, and some people just choose not to have a label but make sure to get enough fruits/vegetables. Whatever you do is completely fine! For me, I personally function my best when I eat higher protein, higher fat and lower carbohydrate/sugar.

Under normal circumstances, I try to adhere to a 80/20 approach to my diet, which means that 80% of the time I am consuming a whole food diet that does not include added sugar, processed foods, grains, legumes or artificial ingredients. The remaining 20 percent of the time I eat whatever I want without feeling guilty about it. The way this looks is through the work week, I eat the stricter diet, and then on the weekends is when there is some leeway. The reason why this makes sense is that during the week I tend to be busy and on more of a regimented schedule. On the weekends I tend to be with friends, or eat out often, which of course means my eating is less strict. This approach allows me to feel my best, while at the same time I do not feel restricted or like I am missing out of life because of my diet. In my eyes, the key to truly living a healthy life is that it is sustainable, and you are able to be consistent. If you are constantly depriving yourself of the food you want, it is more likely that you are going to binge. On the flip side, not consuming. healthy foods the majority of the time and then eating a salad one day isn’t going to compensate.


I am not usually very hungry in the morning, so instead I have a special blended coffee. Sometimes I’ll also buy a Bulletproof coffee, but I prefer making my own. More detail can be found from this post.


I’ll bring my spirulina banana smoothie for my lunch at work. This smoothie gives me so much energy, supports clear skin and boosts immunity. The spirulina adds a kick of protein, and it also contains collagen. I have two favorites for collagen, one being Primal Kitchen foods collagen fuel and the other being Vital Proteins plain collagen peptides. The base of the smoothie stays the same but I’ll switch up my toppings (bee pollen, cacao nibs, coconut etc). I will also bring a kombucha and a coconut water with me as well. Sometimes I’ll take a walk and buy a juice, or an Epic bar as well.


For dinner I like to have a salad with some kind of high quality protein added. Sometimes it is salmon, sometimes steak, sometimes eggs, or whatever is on hand. I like to add toppings to my salad like olives, artichoke hearts, crumbled goat cheese, sauerkraut and other things to make it more fun. I also will massage the greens with the Primal Kitchen balsamic avocado oil dressing. If I do not have that, I will use organic balsamic and some olive oil. I also really like having a cup of bone broth as well. Kettle and Fire is my favorite brand. Bone broth is excellent for the skin, hair and nails. It protects your joints, heals the gut and also reduces inflammation.

night cap

Lastly, I love having a turmeric latte before bed. Turmeric helps me fall asleep, and is also a spice known for its anti-inflammatory benefits. It also can improve liver function, delay aging and support weight loss. I like having turmeric at the end of the day because it is also known for aiding in digestion. This spice has been used in all kinds of potions and tonics in India for thousands of years.

That is my diet on a normal day of the week. It does not look exactly the same every day obviously, but in general, these are the foods that fuel me and help me feel great. As mentioned earlier, life is meant for living and not stressing about food. When I get the chance to go out for a good meal, I always order what I want and don’t skip dessert. As long as you eat healthy and move your body the majority of the time, there is no need to experience food guilt or stress over calories.


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