Skincare Advice I Do Not Listen to

There is a lot of skincare advice out there, so how do you know what advice to take? I share my own experience on straying away from common advice, explaining why that worked for me.

Quarantine Favorites

I share my favorite items and activities that have brightened up my quarantine.

Coping with Negative Effects of Social Distancing

Social distancing can lead to feelings of isolation and sadness. I explain how I have handled these emotions in the past few weeks to the best of my ability.

Healthy Kale Caesar Salad

I made this delicious Kale Caesar salad at home, and really enjoyed it! I wanted to share how I made it so you all can recreate it.

Staying Healthy and Calm during a Pandemic

The past few weeks have been different. I have tried my best to stay calm and grounded, and would like to share those tips with you.

Full Day of Clean Eating (80/20 Lifestyle)

All of the meals I enjoy on a normal day, adhering to my healthiest diet.

How I Cured a UTI Without Antibiotics

Methods to treat a UTI (urinary tract infection) without relying on traditional medicine; a course of antibiotics.

Red Light Therapy Benefits (especially if you live in the Northeast)

I’ve been loving Red Light Therapy, not only for aesthetic benefits but internal benefits!

How Pilates Changes Your Body

I explain my experience incorporating Pilates into my workout routine, and why I intend to continue into the New Year.

Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe

My favorite turmeric latte that I make almost every night. It supports my sleep, my skin, and my overall mood.

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