Ayurvedic Facial: Review and Benefits

Recently I decided to try out an Ayurvedic Facial, and it was a lovely experience. I share some information about Ayurveda and how to learn more about this ancient Indian practice for healing.


Why I Quit My Gym Membership

Quitting my gym membership does not mean I have to sacrifice my fitness or health. Rather, I’m saving money, and a lot of hassle.

My Story with Alcohol (warning; this gets deep)

I share my difficult journey and struggle with substance abuse. This is a very personal story, but I feel confident sharing with you guys the important lessons I have learned.

Don’t Demonize Egg Yolks

I explain why egg yolks are actually good for your health, despite them being demonized by the food industry.

Food Combining: Benefits and Meal Ideas

Food combining can help enhance digestion, increase energy levels and decrease bloating.

Breath Work for Health and Immunity

I explain why breathing is so important, my favorite techniques, and benefits from incorporating breath work daily.

Should You Put Butter In Your Coffee? Here’s The Truth.

I explain the myths behind the “bulletproof” coffee, and share my own morning coffee recipe which provides me with energy, stamina and mental clarity.

Five Meals a Day Myth: Long-term Benefits of Fasting

I bust the myths surrounding the “eat 5 times a day” phenomenon, and explain why I stick to an intermittent fasting protocol.

Sculpted Abs Yoga: Full Equipment-Free Routine

A full-length yoga workout that will help sculpt your abs and build great core strength.

Travel Tips for a Healthier Vacation

I provide tips for the airplane, on your vacation, and post-vacation so that you can travel anywhere and continue staying healthy while doing so.

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