Starting the Allergy Solution Diet

I have decided, with recommendation from my Naturopath, that I am going to start the Allergy Diet written by Leo Galland. This book is extremely interesting and informative, and I highly recommend it. It offers different solutions to common allergy problems such as rhinitis, asthma, eczema and more. The reason I am starting this diet

Perioral Dermatitis: The rash that continues to haunt me

My experience dealing with perioral dermatitis: a frustrating skin condition.

Birth Control: My thoughts and experiences

My experience on the birth control pill, and why I no longer choose to take it.


I share my best tips for achieving healthy, glowing skin.

My Favorite Ways to Get Active

It is very important for me to exercise/move my body everyday because it makes me feel mentally clear. I can focus better and be happier in my daily life. These are my favorite way to get active. Running I love to go on runs, particularly if it is a nice day outside. I usually run


I explain in this post how I like to eat and my favorite fruits and vegetables.

What I Eat In A Day

An example of one day of my daily meals and drinks!

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