• I Never Get Sick of These Staples- I Don’t Think You Will Either

    I Never Get Sick of These Staples- I Don’t Think You Will Either

    In this post I will go over my recent food favorites, daily staples I incorporate each day that help me feel healthy, happy and vibrant! Read to find something new you may fall in love with.

  • 5 Paleo Hacks for Busy People

    Adhering to a healthy diet can be difficult when you are constantly busy. These helpful tips reveal how to “hack” the paleo diet, to ensure you don’t fall of the healthy eating train.

  • Trying out Cauliflower Pizza Crust!

    I share a delicious recipe for a healthy, gluten-free, cauliflower pizza.

  • Grain-free Paleo Oatmeal

    I explain why I have switched to a paleo diet to help heal my gut, and my skin.

  • Foods that Pack a Punch

    A nutritional punch that is! There are some foods that I make sure to eat every single day because these foods in particular give you so much nutrition per calorie (a big bang for your buck). They are not just healthy, but have the power to fight inflammation in the body, help you lose weight, […]

  • AMAZING Banana Nicecream Recipe

    AMAZING Banana Nicecream Recipe

    Hi guys!!! Today I am sharing a delicious sweet treat with you to satisfy any craving you may have for an unhealthy dessert. This nice cream utilizes avocado for the healthy fat and vitamin E, and it also keeps you more full. It’s called “nice” cream instead of ice cream because this recipe is very […]

  • How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

    How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

    Healthy tips to implement while you are vacationing!

  • Review of the Allergy Solution Diet

    Review of the Allergy Solution Diet

    This is an example of the daily soup you have twice a day. I have completed the allergy solution power flush diet and I have lost a total of three pounds and I feel great. This diet mainly consists of only fruit and vegetables and some healthy fats like chia seeds and olive oil. Obviously […]

  • Starting the Allergy Solution Diet

    Starting the Allergy Solution Diet

    I have decided, with recommendation from my Naturopath, that I am going to start the Allergy Diet written by Leo Galland. This book is extremely interesting and informative, and I highly recommend it. It offers different solutions to common allergy problems such as rhinitis, asthma, eczema and more. The reason I am starting this diet […]

  • Food

    I explain in this post how I like to eat and my favorite fruits and vegetables.